Real Techniques Brush Review

Real Techniques Brush Review


Stippling brush: The brush works well and doesn’t leave streaks when you put on your foundation. I ended up really liking this brush and will continue to use it in my makeup routine. Of course this brush doesn’t hold up well and you have to be extremely careful when washing it.

Sculpting brush: It blends well and made contouring a bit easier. It’s meant to be used as a contouring brush, but can work as a foundation or finishing brush.

Angled highlighter brush: This brush is exclusive To certain holiday kits and is perfect for a more natural highlighter look and setting concealer under your eyes.

Lip brush: It worked well with most lip products, but it was difficult to use when I used any product with the same consistency as lipstick, and sometimes left streaks. It’s a decent brush, just not my first choice.


All the brushes were soft and worked fairly well. These are perfect starter brushes; their easy to use and inexpensive.

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