H&M Haul #2

H&M Haul #2

fullsizeoutput_a90I have grown out of a lot of my clothes and have been wearing the same two outfits for the past few weeks. My shirts started getting holes in them from wearing them so much and I decided it was time to get some new clothes.

fullsizeoutput_a98For some reason I decided to get this black dress, it’s starting to get in the 50s here and their is no way I can wear it right now. It is a really cute dress with a hole in the back and I got it on sale for $15. I bought these two pack of pajama shorts as my old ones had holes everywhere and were just no longer wearable. I also got this black lace bra. It has no under wire which instantly makes it more comfortable to me.

fullsizeoutput_a99I got this grey tank top for working out. I only had one workout shirt, so it was constantly in the wash.

fullsizeoutput_a95fullsizeoutput_a9aI grew out of my last pair of jeans over a year ago, but it was still warm where I was living so I didn’t bother getting a new pair, but now it’s in the 50s and 60s and shorts just weren’t cutting it anymore. I bought a pair of jeans and I’ve already worn these three times and they are so comfortable. I usually hate jeans because of the way they feel, but these are super stretchy and I can actually move around in them. The last thing I bought was this printed t-shirt. I grew out of most of my t-shirts and a lot of the ones remaining have holes in them. This one was a really good price; it is light weight, so I imagine I will wear it more during spring and summer.



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