DIY Name Tags

DIY Name Tags

I found these tags at Micheal’s, but found them a bit plain. I wanted to decorate them, but didn’t have to much time, so I went through my craft supplies and ended up using tape I had for most of them and some glitter for a few. All of them are extremely easy to make and I like the added touch.

With the heart I cut a piece of tape, folded it in half with the sticky side out, and then cut out my heart shape.

 For the glitter I put glue at the end of the tag and poured on some glitter, just make sure that you apply a layer of glue or mod podge on top, so the glitter doesn’t go everywhere.

I really enjoyed making these and just did what I thought would look cute. I’m currently obsessed with gold, so I tried to incorporate it as much as possible.

Hope you found this post helpful x

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