DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas, gifts, DIYI love personalizing wrapping paper! It’s a little extra touch that my friends and family really like. You can see my last DIY gift wrapping ideas here. I’m almost done getting everything ready for Christmas and wrapping presents is at the top of my to do list right now.

Pom-poms: After I wrapped the present I used hot glue to add black pom-poms. I think this one is the cutest out of all the ones I made. It was really easy to do and love how it turned out.

Night Sky: I thought this was going to be difficult, but it was actually really easy. I used gold paint to make stars and I had a few small gems, so I used hot glue to attach them. After everything dried I Tied a string around it and attached the name tag. 

Paint Strokes: You can either warp the present first and then paint the strokes, or you can paint the paper, before wrapping the present, which would probably be easier. For this one I just took a paint brush with white paint and made brush strokes. Once it was dry I watched a attached a name tag that I got from Michael’s. 

Gold Triangles: This was probably my least favorite to make, but I do like how it turned out. I cut out triangles from gold tape and stuck them all of the present and to finish ir off O tied a string around it.  You can also draw a line under the gold triangles to make Christmas trees.

Dry Erase Paper: I wanted to do this for about two years now, but for some reason I could only find the paper online. Recently saw its at Ho buy Lobby and had to get it. The paper is slight thicker than most wrapping paper, so it can be a little harder to work with. After I wrapped the present I just had fun doodling. I didn’t let it dry long enough, so it smeared a little bit, but I still really like it. 


I like to out on a my pjs, turn on my Christmas lights, and watch a movie while I wrap all of my presents. It’s usually a a relaxing evening that gets me into the Christmas spirit. I hope you found this post helpful x

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