Ikea Haul

Ikea Haul

I recently took a trip to Ikea with my mum and I ended up getting a bit more than what was on my shopping list. I could spend hours in Ikea and every time I go there I end up getting something that I don’t need.

I wanted grey sheets for Christmas and so my mum took me to Ikea so I could pick them out myself, which just shows how well she knows me. I am very picky when it comes to blankets and that sort of thing.

Ikea has throw blankets for amazing prices and I picked this one up while I was there. It’s currently living on the end of my bed and it’s so warm and adds a really nice touch to my room.

This was actually on my list and I have a similar jar to this that is bigger. I got this to put these reusable cotton pads my sister got me for Christmas to take of my makeup with.

I saw this while looking at desks for my brother and decided that I needed another notebook. I really like Ikea’s notebooks, they are affordable and are very simple and pretty.

These are my favorite things that I got. They were 50% off because they are Christmas decorations, but they are so pretty and will be on my wall year round. They also make a great background for photos. They are essentially cardboard stars and if you want you can put lights in them.

My old laundry basket was a small fabric bag and my mum has been trying to convince me to buy an actual laundry hamper for over a year now. I saw this one and since it’s so cute I agreed and it works a lot better than my small laundry bag, I guess  mum knows best.


I also picked up a rug for my bathroom and a frying pan. I have already used everything that I picked up and it’s all so cute! I’ve been changing my room color scheme to black, white, and grey; so I was really happy with everything I picked up and my room is starting to come together.


I hope you liked this post x

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