What’s In My Purse

What’s In My Purse

 My grandma Muti recently got me a new bag and I thought it would be the perfect time to do this post. I usually carry around way to much stuff and recently I have been trying to just carry around things I actually use.

Wallet- I just got this wallet for Christmas and I absolutely love it.

Snacks- Snacks are a must for me. I get hangry, so I try to always have food with me.

A lip product of some kind- I usually carry some sort of lip stick or lip gloss with me. I’ve been carrying around an e.l.f. red lip lipstick recently to review it.

Lip balm- I carry a small container of coconut oil with me for when my lips get dry.

Phone- I never leave my house without my phone. I try to always put in in my bag so I don’t forget it when I’m heading out.

Headphones- I carry these to listen to music or watch videos while I’m in the car or waiting around. I use a free pair of earbuds that came with my phone since I somehow end up breaking them.

Notebook- I like to have something to write blog post ideas in or just little things that I need to remember. My best friend bought me some small notebooks to carry around with me and they’ve been so helpful.


Whats' in my purseSunglasses- I used to forget my sunglasses all the time, so I just starting keeping a pair in my purse.


Hair Ties- There are always hair ties in my bags because I can’t stand my hair being in my face when I’m working on something.

Rings- Whenever I wear rings they end up in the bottom of my bag, so you can usually find at least one ring somewhere in my bag.


First Aid Kit- I’m ridiculously clumsy, so this has come in handy more than once.


Do you have anything you always have to carry in your bag? I hope you liked this post x

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