Updated Room Tour

I did a room tour a few months ago, you can see it here, but I’ve moved twice since then and my style has changed a lot; so I decided it was time for an updated tour.

Ikea furniture hacksLights like these have been all over Pinterest for awhile now and they are so pretty. I really like having my lamps hanging, so they don’t take up any storage space.

room decorI always keep things like notebooks, blankets, and snacks on my nightstand, since those are things I always reach for.

I got these stars from Ikea. They are actually Christmas decorations, but they are so cute and fit my color scheme really well.

DIY LampsI got this chair for $3 from a thrift store and after I cleaned it I just covered it with a comforter that I wasn’t using anymore.

Half way through taking pictures for this post I rearranged my shelfs, so sorry that they are slightly different photo to photo. I DIYed this pot and I think its so cute!

I put all my sunglasses together and have a jar of snacks, so I can easily grab both while heading out.

This is a cork board I made to put little reminders and some cute notes on .


I hope you liked this post x