E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

Recently I took a trip to the drug store and as usual ended up picking up things that I don’t need, but convinced myself in the moment that I did. One thing I picked up was e.l.f.’s mineral infused face primer.

fullsizeoutput_80eSince the primer is clear it doesn’t even out my skin tone, which is something I look for in a primer, but they do have two with a similar formula that are supposed to even out your skin tone. I have a lot of redness, so I may try their green version of this. On the plus side it feels very light and filled in my pores fairly well. It feels like a gel. At first I was nervous to put the primer on my face because I had never seen a primer with that texture, but once I started putting it on my face I was fine. Without a doubt my favorite thing about this product is I didn’t have as many breakouts after wearing makeup while using it.

fullsizeoutput_80afullsizeoutput_80dIf your going for a dewy look I wouldn’t recommend this, however if your going for a matte look this is a great primer. The last thing I noticed was it wasn’t great for dry skin. It works best on normal or combination skin. It is a really good primer for the price. In the end I will continue to use this primer, especially in the winter because that’s the time of year I tend to want more of a matte look.


You can purchase this product here: e.l.f mineral infused face primer


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