DIY Valentines Gifts For Best Friends

DIY Valentines Gifts For Best Friends

Valentines Day is in a few days and I’ve always spent valentines making sure the people in my life know how much they are loved. I used to give my mum a rose and a donut and my friends little cards I made. This year I decided to change it up and made some DIY gifts and they turned out so cute.


Tumbler Pins 


  • Sharpies
  • Number 6 plastic (sushi container lids work perfectly)
  • Safety pins or old pins

1. Draw your designs and make them 3x the size you want them to be because they will shrink.

2. Trace your design a piece of number 6 plastic and color it in with sharpies. The colors will become slightly darker, so keep that in mind while coloring.

3. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F. If you want these to be a keychain you will need to create a whole at the top of your design before putting them into the oven.

4. Cut out all the designs and place them on a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Put them in the oven for 60 seconds.

5. Take them out and if they are a little curled still use a glass to flatten them(if they’ve already cooled when you do this they will break, so you have to be quick)

6. Paint the backs white and let them dry

7. To make them into a pin you can glue them to an old pin or glue them to safety pins. I also like to glue these onto my notebooks.

I’m currently obsessed with these. They were so fun to make and they turned out so well. If you remember shrinka dinks, then that’s basically what this is. DIY, Valentine, pins, tumbler, bfs, best friends

Jar of Inspiration 


  • Jar
  • Paper
  • String

1. Cut strips of paper and write quotes or saying on them that you like.

2. Roll the paper and use string to keep them closed

3. place all of your pieces of paper in your jar and your finished

The jar on the left is one my best friend gave me for Christmas and she even put an A on it to make it more personalized. I loved the idea so much, so I wanted to include it in this post.

Morse code keychains


  • String
  • Beads
  • Small Jar(optional)

I spelt sister for mine and that’s (… .. … _ . ._.)  You can spell out whatever you want and google how to spell it in morse code.

My string was to thick to fit the bead, so I pulled int apart to make it half the size and it worked perfectly.

1. Start by making a knot and then threading your bead. repeat this for the number of dots you have. 

2. When you need to create a space tie two knots with a gap in-between.

3. For the dashes I put two beads together without a knot in-between. You could also use black beads instead of knots.

4. I made my best friends one into a key chain and added a little glass bottle I had from an old project to the end and turned mine into an anklet to replace my old anklet that wasn’t looking so great. I’m also planning on making one of these for my mum for mothers day. valentine, DIY, BFF, best friends


Happy Valentines Day!

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