e.l.f. Moonlight Pearl Highlighter Review

e.l.f. Moonlight Pearl Highlighter Review

e.l.f. has four shades for this highlighter, three of them are more neutral shades and the fourth is more of a pink color.

This highlighter is so beautiful! I’m very impressed with how well it works, especially for the price. I’ve used two other e.l.f. highlighters in the past and neither of them came close to being as good as this one. I really like the undertones and it matches my skin tone very well. It lasts throughout the day and didn’t become cakey throughout the day. I also accidentally dropped this on my tile floor and somehow it didn’t break.

review, makeup, e.l.f., highlighter I don’t have any cons with this product, which rarely happens. I did notice that when I first started using it their wasn’t any pigmentations, but after I rubbed a layer off it started working amazingly; I’m not really sure why the top layer didn’t work. Overall it’s a great, affordable, easy to use highlighter, and even with the low price point you get quite a bit of product. It blends easily and doesn’t mess up my foundation. I found this to be a more natural highlight. It is buildable and doesn’t get cakey when you build it up, but I don’t use it for glam looks.

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I hope you found this helpful and if you’ve tried this highlighter I would love to hear what you think of it x

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