Clothing Haul

Clothing Haul

Summer is coming and my clothes form last summer no longer fit, so I decided it was time to start picking up a few pieces before I’m stuck wearing sweaters and jeans in 80 degree weather.

Fashion, Forever 21, crop topI actaully got these clothes from three different shopping trips. This is from shopping trip number two and it’s a crop top that I got from Forever 21. I don’t usually wear tight clothes, but I fell in love with his top. It was on sale, so I couldn’t find it on their site, but here is a similar one.


top, fashion, papaya clothing This shirt is so comfortable! I got this this top from a store called papaya. I didn’t even try it on before buying it, which is something I never do because I never know how something is going to look on me.. Thankfully it fits well and is super cute. It’s also the only thing I bought that wasn’t on sale.


I have very little color in my wardrobe. I prefer greys, black, and white, however my boyfriend loves color and is always trying to get me to wear it. We were out shopping and found this romper, I thought it was really cute and with summer coming it nice to have a few items that are colorful. It was on sale for $6 because it had a small whole in the side, but it was really easy to fix. I haven’t worn this out yet, but it’ll get a lot of use during summer. You can get this romper here.


fashion, Cotton On, sweatshirtThis is from the mens section of Cotton On and it was only $10. I’ve already worn this four times. It’s oversized and really soft. I did buy it at the wrong time as it’s almost summer and it’s getting into the 80s where I live, but it’s been great for the slightly chilly days and just to throw over a t-shirt if I get cold.


dress, Guess, clothing, fashionThis is the last thing I bought, I had seen a similar dress on instagram and Pinterest and have been wanting one for weeks, but I didn’t have much luck finding it. I had a coupon for guess, so my mum and I decided to look around and I wanted it as soon as I saw it, they also had really good deals when I went. The dress is slightly to big, so I’m going to tuck it, but other than that I really love it. I wore this the day after I bought it because I love it so much.


I hope you liked this post x