Easy DIY Birthday Gifts

Easy DIY Birthday Gifts

Most of my family birthdays are in March, April, and May and it sometimes feels like a second Christmas with trying to get everyone gifts. I’m currently trying to save up to move out, so I decided to make gifts this year to save a bit of money and I also enjoy making gifts rather than buying them. Everyone in my family is extremely picky and figuring out what everyone wants can be tricky.

Chocker: Ribbon, a charm, clasps, ribbon end clamps 1. come up with the design you want. I used an old heart charm I had and ribbon.

2. Measure and cut the ribbon tot he length you want,, I used a chocker I already had as a guide, but if you don’t have one you measure your neck and use that as a guide. 3. Clamp the ribbon ends on to the ends and attach the clasp to one of the clamps.

4. Open up the ring of your charm and attach it to the middle of your ribbon I ended up really liking how tis turned out and made two, so I could have one for myself.


Coupon B00k: I wasn’t sure what to get my boyfriend for his birthday and my friend suggested a coup book since I make them all the time. This is a very me gift and I liked how much i can customize it depending on who I’m giving it to.

What you need-

  • Cardboard(optional)
  • Card Paper
  • Markers
  • Hot glue or string

1. I used an old cardboard box that my iPhones screen protector cam in a book cover, but if you don’t have cardboard you can punch holes in the paper and bind everything together with string. The box was a little big, so I cut it to size and then decorated it using construction paper and gold letters.

2. Using card paper cut out rectangles to the size you want your coupons to be.

3. I tired to pick things he likes or things I know he enjoys doing. Once I came up with some ideas I used makers and some stickers I had to make the coupons. 4. After I made everything I hot glued the coupons on to the cardboard. It turned out so cute!


Fairy Dust: This is definitely the easiest one to make. It’s fairy dust. My friend gave me the pink one on the left and I thought it was really cute. I decided to make a smaller version, so I could make it into a key chain. 


I hope you found the post helpful x