Outfit of The Day #11

I honestly can’t figure out the weather here. One day its 80 degrees and the next day it’s in the 60s, it makes it slightly more difficult to plan what I’m going to wear. I originally thought it was going to be warm, but it was a little chilly, so I ended up just throwing on a coat.

I am an incredibly clumsy person, so I rarely wear heals out fear of face planting(yes it has happened). For some reason I really wanted to wear heels and besides stumbling a bit and almost falling twice, it went pretty well.

 I wasn’t quite sure what I waned to wear, so I decided to wear some pieces that usually sit it the back of my closet. I’ve had this skirt for awhile, but I didn’t really know how to style it and eventually I forgot I even had it. I’ve learnt a lot about fashion and how to style pieces and I really like how this outfit looks.

 I tried to do more with my makeup and attempted a cut create, which to my surprise turned out pretty well. I was in a bit of a rush and after spending extra time on my makeup I decided to let my hair do it’s own thing and just left it alone.

Top- Grey Women’s T-Shirt

Jacket- https://shop.guess.com/en

Skirt- http://www.hm.com/us/product/ I’m actually not sure where this skirt is from, it’s a handy down and the label is mostly gone. Here is similar one.

Shoes- https://www.charleskeith.com/us


I hope you liked this post x

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